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Water or Not to Water Before Winter

We were planting some Colorado spruce trees recently (October) and the question came up about watering.  Generally, this is easy to answer during Spring or Summer months, but as the Fall moves into Winter their are some different things to consider.

First, Fall is the best time to plant trees and shrubs.  They essentially get two wet seasons to get themselves settled and established before they start new growth.

Of course, you need to water new plantings thoroughly at the initial planting.  A good “drenching” is in order.  This saturates the soil and helps force out air pockets in the hole.

Yes, water evergreens:  Evergreens obviously retain their leaves (needles) through the winter and continue to lose moisture through them.  So watering on warmer days, before any fear of freezing, is a good idea.  Another related article, within this web site, on anti-desiccants Water Before Winter can help with preserving broad-leafed evergreens such as rhododendrons.

No, don’t water deciduous trees:  Deciduous trees have very little use for water after their leaves fall and they do not usually benefit from moist soil while they are dormant.

Over watering can kill young maple trees:  This may kill the roots.  Most common victims are young and recently planted maple trees.

We hope this is helpful information for your new plants’ survival and flourishing new year.

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