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Water Before Winter

Late fall is a critical time to take care of your trees and shrubs, especially those you just planted this past summer. Though the trees are not growing above the ground, the roots below are still thirsty and seek water to keep the plants healthy. Keep watering them regularly so they are prepared for when the ground freezes solid – at that time, the roots can’t really drink any more water, and watering won’t really help.

Watering now is helpful for most trees and shrubs BUT ESPECIALLY for young evergreens, roses, lilacs, and seedling trees. Plus, don’t forget the Wilt-Pruf to help the leaves retain the moisture they already have, for up to 4 months during cold weather.

Furthermore, spraying your Christmas greens (especially those indoors) with Wilt-Pruf will help them from drying out and potentially hazardous.

Merry Christmas!

Above paraphrased from A.M. Leonard advertising


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