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Tips for Winterizing Your Lawn Equipment

lawn-mower1.  Remove or stabilize the gas: stored fuel can break down over the winter months and damage the engine.

•  The easiest way to remove unused gas is to start the engine and let it idle until the fuel runs out.

•  Another way is to add a fuel stabilizer to any remaining gas to help protect the engine from fuel-related damage like gumming and water separation. Follow the mixing instructions on the bottle run the engine for several minutes to get the stabilized fuel from the tank into the engine.

2.  Change the oil. Clean oil coats the mower’s engine during the winter months.

•  The best time to drain and refill oil is just after the last operation of the season when the engine is still warm.

3.  Inspect the spark plug – remove the spark plug, inspect for any black coating (carbon deposits) or other damage. If the plug appears worn, or has been used for several mowing seasons, replace it with a new one.

4.  Clean the air filter or replace it. High powered air generally cleans well

5.  Inspect the blade(s).  Clean and sharpen the blade; inspect for cracks and bends.

6.  Clean the mower. Remove all dirt and debris from the engine.

7.  Thoroughly wash the underside of the mower.

8.  Scrape away old grass.

9.  Gasoline blends E15 and E85, newly available should not be utilized. “These blends can cause serious damage to small engines, which is not covered under warranty.”

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